Thursday, 15 March 2018

Arete Scholarship Program

For years, John Starrett of Tralee Ireland has coached numerous runners with a direct, thoughtful approach tailored to each individual's specific goals. Starrett, fondly known as Stazza among the "stable" of runners he coaches, provides cutting-edge training programs and extensive training knowledge with a unique and personal touch, helping each athlete achieve their full running potential. 
Stazza's Stable comprises runners from across the world (mostly Ireland, UK, and USA) who train under Starrett.
The Stablemates range from beginners to elites and compete in all distances - from 5000m to marathons to 24-hour ultras. The private Stable groups on Strava and Facebook provide athletes with a platform for discussion on all aspects of training, as well as a forum for crowdsourcing information and sharing accomplishments. 
Stazza's Stable is now expanding beyond coaching relationships with the introduction of a sustainable scholarship program. Based in Iten, Kenya, the program aims to help young Kenyan athletes fulfill their athletic and personal potential. Stazza works on the ground in Iten, nurturing and managing the program as a whole while also hand-selecting athletes based on talent, potential, attitude, and personal circumstances. Once recruits join the Arete Scholarship program, they are billeted in comfortable accommodation at the Stazza’s Stable Training Camp in Iten, where they receive a weekly allowance to cover basic needs and essentials, and a longterm training strategy is established to develop each runner.
Stazza will monitor each scholarship athlete's progress, and enable them to reap the rewards of their hard work through racing in Europe and the USA. All race-related fees and travel expenses will come at no cost to the scholarship athletes. Though they will be asked to donate 10% of their winnings back into the Arete Scholarship fund to help the next generation of runners, athletes will be free to keep the remainder of their winnings to reinvest in themselves, their families, and their local community.

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